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What is Personaland?

Personaland is an online global art community hosted by the Personas — a group of wire-wrapped representatives from another dimension. Anyone can submit their art to our shows and have it displayed to a global audience.

What type of art is shown in Personaland?

All types of art are welcome in Personaland, including but not limited to: visual art, music, poetry, writing, and animation.

How many countries are involved?

Personaland currently features over 550 artists from 55 countries..

How do I submit artwork to Personaland?

Anyone can submit artwork to our shows by scrolling over “Hut” on the top menu, and clicking on “Submit Artwork”. All of our shows have deadlines for submission, but if you miss them — don’t worry. There will be more!

Is there an entry fee to submit artwork to Personaland?

There is no entry fee to submit artwork of any kind.

Is there curation to decide which art is shown in Personaland?

We proudly feature all artwork that is submitted.

What are Personaland’s values and goals?

Personaland’s values are community, peace, and expression. Our motto is “Art for All” — we believe art is for everyone and our goal is to create a community that features artwork from every county around the world.

Is Personaland on social media?

Personaland is on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube.

What format is required for submitting videos and music?

Video require MP4, music requires MP3.

How long does shipping take for the Personaland shop? Is there international shipping?

Delivery time depends on where you are in the United States. Once you start an order, the estimated arrival time will be calculated. We do not currently offer international shipping.