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Personaland’s mission is to promote creativity and community globally. Members of Personaland can gain exposure by having their art showcased in our online art village. With over 625 artists from 65 countries, Personaland offers an international experience of art, music, and poetry using 3D game animation and technology.

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Rivers, Lakes, Oceans

Creative expressions about the waters that inspire us.

Accepting image, film, music or poetry.

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Meditation | Alan Watts: Paths to Serenity

The Meditation exhibition is now open!

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“Personaland is a virtual space where artists from different cultures and places can share their art. I like that with every theme you'd see different interpretations from multiple artists. With Personland I have the opportunity to exhibit/show more of my works and try new things like getting interviewed about my art.”

- Oluchi Sandra Nwoko | Lagos, Nigeria
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PersonaLand is very important to artists because it helps spread the word about our work and reaches many people of all ages. It makes me happy to participate in their calls because I feel respected as an artist. I will continue to participate delighted. Thank you so much!

- Susana Boettner | Argentina

Personaland is always open for everyone to make one's world expand. It's a joy to see many art works, too.

- Megumi Kaneko
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Personaland has been a space where artists from around the globe can share our work and connect it's a place where creativity and open minds are welcome and all types of art is accepeted and respected.

- Lauren Curtis
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Personaland brings out the spirit within me. I think it’s real cool.

- Norell Gudaitis
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Personaland is a wonderful community. It is very welcoming to artists from all over the world and whatever art form they express themselves in. It gives artists an online platform to exhibit their work as well as to connect with other artists, which I really enjoy!

- Maryse Jansen
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Personaland is the gathering circle of creative process. I was given the opportunity for the first time in a long time to be able to share the walls of a gallery with very high caliber artists.

- Jose Martinez
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In a world of false connections, Personaland acts as a real bridge between dreamers, an essential door between the solitude, love and focus of artists, and the world eager to receive their gifts.

- Florin Firimita
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